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$100 PER HOUR       $145 PER 1 1/2 HOUR       $190 PER 2HR 

Swedish Massage
This modality is a Western style of massage that is done on a table with oil or lotion with music playing in the background. The client undressed to their comfort level fully draped with a sheet and blanket.It is great at increasing blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles. It is the most popular style of massage.

"Shi" means finger and "atsu" means pressure.  This traditional Japanese massage is done on the floor with a mat.  If needed it can be done on a massage table.  The client is fully clothed, with no lotion or oil, in a dimly lit room with music playing in the background.  It is great at stretching the limbs for joint mobility, balancing your meridians to allow your chi to flow like water.

Thai Massage
This Eastern Modality is done on the floor with a thai mat fully clothed without lotion or oil.  If you like Yoga and Stretching, deep firm compression, and increased body awareness then you will love this massage.  It increases your range of motion, decreases body tension, balances your energy, and just feels great.  *This is a great modality for those who like long massages. 

Deep Tissue
This Western Modality is great for those with lots of muscle tension.  It is a very Deep slow pace massage with no or very little oil.  If you like we can use Shea butter.  It is done on a table with the client being undressed to their comfort level fully draped with a sheet and blanket.  It is great for focusing on a specific body part to break up adhesions or "knots" that you feel in the body.  It is helpful at releasing tight overworked muscles and increasing the flexibility and range of motion.  It rehydrates the muscles so drink plenty of water before and after the massage.

Myofascial Release Massage
This modality is focused massage work on the muscle.  This therapeutic massage modality is done on the table with the client disrobed to the comfort leave only the area worked on being undraped.  It is done without oil or lotion.  It helps release tension, adhesions, and toxins from the muscles. Great for overworked muscles that are recovering from being overused.

Acupressure Point Work
This modality is all about holding point on the body so the it's energy can be balanced.  This eastern style of massage is done on a table or mat fully clothed without oil or lotion.  It is great at rejuvenating the body due to body tension.  This modality helps with balancing your meridians, increasing your body awareness and a great alternative to traditional massage.  Ask About Jin Shin Acupressure Energy Massage.  This is a specific sequence of point work designed to balance and increase the body's energy and stamina.  

A relaxing Hand or Foot massage that relieves stress from all over the whole body.  This Eastern style of massage is great before a long stressful day or after a long day of shopping, wine tasting, playing golf or just because you deserve it.  It is said that hand and foot "reflects" the whole body.  So just take off your shoes and relax your whole body thru your feet or hands.

Sports Massage
This Western style of Therapeutic Massage is great for Athletes or physically active people who require quick recovery from or between event or daily life.  Its helpful in maintaining a health active body and performing at ones best.Their are 5 specific type of Sports Massage: Pre-event (warming up the muscles for 10 to 15 minutes before an event), Post-eventwarm-down the muscles after an event to reduce muscle swelling, tension, and reduce recovery time), Mid-event massage ( given during breaks to help athletes recover during an event), Recovery Massage (a relaxing massager given 4-36 hours after any sports event to help with soreness and to prevent cramping), and Maintenance Massage ( on-going full body massage designed at helping an athlete or active person perform at their best).  **Ask about our event rates

Lymphatic Massage
A Therapeutic Massage that focuses on "Flushing" the Lymphatic System from toxins that have gathered throughout the System mostly in the Abdomen.  A few day before the massage, Drink a lot of water and on the day of the massage eat lightly like soups,fruit or nothing at all.  This will allow the massage to "flush" the system more easily.  After the massage,Drink more water and take a light walk, it will help with the body in removing toxins.  You may feel this massage for up to 24 hours.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy is one of the most happiest experiences in a womans life, but it does cause lots of stress and pain on the body.  Both pre and perinatal massage helps with circulation and reduces muscular pain from stress on the body.  With the knowledge of the proper way for a pregnant woman to rest as per trimester and what pressure points and areas on the body to avoid, you can just relax and allow us to release the stress off your body during the miracle of life.  Great gift for the soon to be mother.

Spa Services
 $110 per service

Body Scrubs
It removes dead skin off the body, giving the skin softness and a glowing appearance that last for many days.

*Pink lavander salt glow
*Red roses salt glow
*Black thyme & sage salt scrub
*White or Black mint & herb salt scrub

Samagse Massage is an Out-call Massage Business that Services Sonoma County.  We will grant you the first 15  miles on us.  After that  it  $15 for every 15 miles or so miles.  Samagse Massage may have a Therapist That Services your area within 20 miles of your home. 

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