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Samagse Massage
Client Agreement and Policies

Please Read  Agreements and Policies Carefully.  They contain Policies that are important for your massage therapy session.  If you have any questions about any policies or agreement please feel free to ask your therapist for clarification or call (707)293-6785.  Thank You Miguel Lujan owner 

1.  I understand that I am to come to my massage appointment with good hygiene when getting a massage.

2.  I understand that a 24 hour notice of cancelations is required; otherwise I will have to pay in full for canceled or missed appointment. 

3.  I agree that all out-call massage appointments are to be paid by Cash,Visa, MasterCard, or Discover before the massage unless some other arrangement has been made.

4.  I understand that I will not get a Prescription, Treatment, or Diagnosis any illness, Ailment, or Disease.  While the Therapist may assist me in relief of physical or emotional symptoms, I understand that the therapist is not going to fix the problems with my health.

5.  I understand that this massage is for stress reduction and muscle tension or spasm.  This is not a substitution for medical examinations or treatment.  

6.  I agree to pay all session fee at the time I receive my massage.  If massage is being paid for by insurance or third party, I will pay for my massage session and will bill the insurance company or third party directly.

7.  I understand that some modalities require that I am to disrobe to my comfort level.  While disrobed my body will be fully covered by a sheet and "draped" at all times and only the body part that is being worked on will be uncovered.  

8.  I understand that this is a non-sexual massage.  We are Professional Massage Therapists who provide massage and Spa services only.  Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate termination of the massage with payment in full.

9.  I understand that if I have any type of allergies to anything please let your massage therapist know. 

10.  I understand that I am Always in control of my body during my session.  I can fell free to let my therapist know if I need more or less pressure or if anything related to the massage is uncomfortable.  I can say "stop" at any time during the session.

11.  I understand that if I am going to be late for a scheduled appointment that I call as soon as possible and understand that my time may be shortened as a result.  

12.  I understand that anyone under the age of 18 MUST have a Parent or Guardian present at all times during the massage.  

13.  If allergic to pets, all laundry is done in Pet-Free environment.  All laundry is wash on a Sanitary cycle after every session.  You will always get fresh clean linens with every massage or spa session.

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